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Winter Program

Our winter program is designed for rapid development. By pairing bat speed drills and swing analysis tools, we plan on challenging hitters physically and mentally. We want our hitters to be mindful of their movements and take every swing with a clear intent in mind.

Package includes:

2 hitting days/week (times/days TBA)

1 fielding day/ week (times/days TBA)

Optional Pitch Club & Catch Club programs

Pay-as-you-go tournament schedule

Blast Motion

 Blast Motion sensors easily attach to the knob of the bat and allow the coaches to analyze numerous components of the swing including bat speed, attack angles, and bat path. This swing information will automatically download on to a digital profile we can access to do a full swing analysis. We will then be able to print out “report cards” for each player and identify where their strengths/weaknesses are and how they can improve. Since the data from each swing gets recorded to the Blast Connect app within seconds, we will also be able to make real time coaching adjustments in practice. This technology is heavily used in college/professional baseball and is a major component college coaches rely on to recruit players.

Blast Motion sensor and online profile for new players: $150
(players from Fall 2020 still have access to their account at no additional charge)

3 evaluation reports for each player (Week 2, Week 6, Week 9)

Ability to evaluate swings remotely (swing data can be recorded anywhere the sensor is connected to the app)

Video analysis feature 

Competitions set up on team pages (most improved, best bat speed, most swings, etc.)


Virtual Combine

Virtual Combine is a recruiting and showcasing software. The recruiting landscape has changed significantly and college coaches have shifted their efforts to digital recruiting. Virtual Combine is a platform that allows each player to create their own profile under our Hit Club team page. The player profile provides a comprehensive look at each player: Blast Motion swing data, strength/athletic testing measurements, videos, and even academic achievements. By combining all of this data in one, easily accessible area, each player will greatly increase their exposure to the recruiting landscape and allow us at Hit Club to promote our players more efficiently. Additionally, recruiting websites can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars for an online profile. We will be providing this service as part of our package for high school teams.

15U-17U: Virtual Combine is included in the registration fee
13U-14U:  Option to add for $50

Pitch Club

Includes weekly bullpens/arm program and Pitch Club T shirt

Pitchers will be able to focus on having high intensity bullpen days and develop power/arm strength. Arm program will include arm/shoulder care drills along with exercises to improve velocity


Catch Club
 Catch Club will be a weekly 1-hour session and will be for players who want to learn how to play catcher, or who want to learn more advanced catching techniques. We will will tailor drills to every player’s skill level and will utilize video analysis.


The Winter 2021 Season Starts on January 11 and Ends on March 14

Hit Club Baseball Academy Teams

Hit Club Baseball Academy is an organization dedicated to the development of

youth and high school players. Our goal is to adequately prepare high school

players for baseball at the college and/or professional baseball level.

Pitch Club

Are you a pitcher?” Do you have your sights set on Pitching this Fall? 

If so, then please register for the “Pitch Club”.

The “Pitch Club is strongly recommended for all pitchers participating in the Hit Club program. Pitcher coaching and instruction consists of a variety of throwing exercises designed to improve one’s pitching mechanics. Players have the opportunity to learn not only proper mechanics, but also the mental approach to pitching. In-season and off-season training and includes:

  • Functional assessment
  • Biometric Assessment
  • Custom arm care, recovery and strength program
  • Custom throwing program, focusing on pitching mechanics
  • Velocity development

Hit Club Baseball Academy Teams

Make The Team - Get Noticed - Recruiting Timeline

Hit Club Baseball recognizes HS Baseball Web

as an outstanding resource to guide the student athlete through

making the team, getting noticed and navigating the college recruitment process.